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Chivatown Post: Gearing up for the Superclasico Edition

SANTA CLARA, CA - APRIL 23: Will Trujillo be returning next year? (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
SANTA CLARA, CA - APRIL 23: Will Trujillo be returning next year? (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Let's catch up on some news items that will be of interest to Chivas USA fans:

Internationals are underway tonight, so we'll see if Ante Jazic gets significant action for Canada in their 2014 World Cup Qualifier against Puerto Rico, and if Alejandro Moreno sees time with Venezuela against Argentina in their respective World Cup qualifier. The Canada game is 0-0 a little past halftime in Toronto, and Jazic is starting for Canada. We'll see if these Goats can help their countries get results. Oh, and the United States National Team is playing Ecuador in a friendly this evening as well. No Chivas USA players on the squad, but can the U.S. make it two straight victories? We'll update you with the results tomorrow.

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In other news, Adam Serrano has an article on the club's website about David Junior Lopes and his rocky transition to MLS midseason. I was not aware of his situation regarding his club in Romania, and I can imagine how stressful that must have been for him. He's played pretty well the last couple of games, and I've been saying all along that he needs plenty of time before folks decide on him one way or the other. Ideally, he'll need to hit the ground running next season.

Serrano also has a feature on Mariano Trujillo on the league website, discussing his drastically changed fortune this season compared to last. He's got the right attitude, but it will be interesting to see if he's back in 2012.

Also, I found an interview by Diane Scavuzzo with Dan Kennedy over at I can feel Kennedy's ironclad focus through the words on the computer screen, which probably helps to explain his success in professional soccer.

Somewhat comically, MLS have a series this week about referees on their website. Now, I think the complaints that MLS refs are so much worse than other referees around the world is likely false. I doubt there are any leagues around the world where players, coaches, and fans all say week in and week out, "These referees are always so right!" That said, there have been a lot of puzzling moments, including a fair share for and against Chivas USA this season. If I were handling the assignment duties over at the website, I would maybe run this series in the preseason, where interested fans can drool over any scrap concerning the league, and the league itself can use it as a mouthpiece to claim changes are being made and that sort of thing. But it's running this week instead. Today, they use the red card awarded to Nat Borchers when Real Salt Lake played Chivas last month to explain how red cards are awarded. The structure of the feature is interesting, as there is a bit of suspense as to whether the call was correct, but of course they (SPOILER ALERT) verify it. That call was not egregious - I think a yellow or red would have been justified. But I wish the league had the guts to reconsider Dwayne De Rosario's dive against Chivas a few weeks back. That example could have only meant the referee made a mistake, but obviously they don't want to dent referees' reputations further. Check out the feature here.

We don't normally report Galaxy news here, but this week, it's pertinent. Forward Robbie Keane, the reason why Juan Pablo Angel is a member of Chivas right now, is injured. Jeremiah Oshan reports on the SB Nation Soccer site that Keane's adductor injury is estimated to keep him out of the lineup for 3-4 weeks. Long term, this could be significant, as he might end up missing signficant time in the MLS Cup playoffs, but the news that Chivas' fans will be concerned with is that he will not be available Sunday against the Goats. A mano a mano duel between Keane and JPA might have been fun, but I think Chivas fans would prefer a weaker Galaxy lineup.

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