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Rivalry Week: Recent Results in the Superclasico

CARSON, CA - MAY 21:  Let's hope Heath doesn't attempt to tackle JPA Sunday. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
CARSON, CA - MAY 21: Let's hope Heath doesn't attempt to tackle JPA Sunday. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
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With the superclasico Sunday between Chivas USA and the Los Angeles Galaxy, we're continuing our series here at The Goat Parade with the latest installment in our rivalry week series. Today, let's look at some of the recent results in the derby for Chivas. Not going to lie, it hasn't been pretty. Rather than detail all of the carnage over the past several years, let's look at the most recent match between the clubs, as well as the last draw and last win for the Goats. Hopefully these results can give the Goats the necessary motivation to get a result against their archrivals.

Last match: 1-0 Galaxy May 21, 2011

A first half goal by Chad Barrett on a David Beckham free kick was the difference in this match. Although the Galaxy didn't sweat too much, it was a pretty close game, and indicative not only of the improvements of Chivas overall on the season, but also the work that needs to be done for them to make the jump to the next level in MLS. Following the goal, the Galaxy turned to their tried and tested formula of parking the bus, daring their opponent to score an equalizer in a one-goal game, and while Chivas dominated possession in the second half, they only had two shots on goal on the night. To be fair, the Galaxy only had two shots on goal themselves, but they got the key goal on the set play, which turned out to be a defensive liability for the Goats all year.

Although it was relatively early in his short tenure with the Galaxy, I distinctly remember Juan Pablo Angel in this game. He had a good touch, but he didn't look like he could hit the broad side of a barn in that match. Times have certainly changed, but he really looked out of place in the Galaxy lineup that day. Can he come good for Chivas and get some revenge on the club that dropped him like a hot potato?

Last draw: 2-2 November 1, 2009

It was the first match in a "home-and-away" playoff series, although obviously both matches were played at the Home Depot Center. Maicon Santos got Chivas off to a good start with a goal in the fourth minute, before Mike Magee knotted it up for the Galaxy. Then the Galaxy went ahead towards the end of the first half when a silly clearance by Chivas fell straight onto the foot of a Galaxy player right in front of goal, and they went ahead. Then Maykel Galindo beat the keeper on a 50/50 ball to secure the draw for Chivas. Unfortunately, they lost the next match in the series 1-0, so the Galaxy moved on and Chivas were knocked out of the playoffs.

Last win: 3-0 August 23, 2007

Yes, it's been awhile since Chivas have beaten the Galaxy in league play. Over four years, actually. Way too long. Obviously, this is where much of the arrogance on the part of Galaxy fans stems from. Although both fanbases are excited about derby matches, the Galaxy have so frequently beaten Chivas in the superclasico that it's not much of a challenge at this point. Chivas need to win a game or two in this series to wake up the Galaxy and truly make it a rivalry again, no doubt about it.

That last victory for Chivas was truly a different team. The only players on the roster this season (but who will definitely not feature on Sunday) that played in that victory were Paulo Nagamura and Francisco Mendoza. To be honest, the only holdovers from the Galaxy between that game and this were Landon Donovan and David Beckham, so four years is like an eternity by Major League Soccer standards. The goalscorers for Chivas that day were Maykel Galindo, with two, and Mendoza. Meanwhile, it was a true derby match, as two red cards and five yellows were handed out, but David Beckham somehow escaped censure despite starting a scuffle that led to the ejections for Alex Zotinca and Kevin Harmse. While I know derby matches can get chippy, I don't necessarily want to see punches flying and cards being handed out like candy, but some intensity directed in the play would really be something good to see.