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Chivatown Post: Offseason Begins Edition

SEATTLE - AUGUST 13:  Nick doin' work (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
SEATTLE - AUGUST 13: Nick doin' work (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It has been a little while since we rounded up all the Chivas USA news you need to know, but don't worry, here's your fix. Let's jump right in!

As ever, Chivas beat writer Adam Serrano has been working hard and has a slew of articles for your reading pleasure. From last week, there's his weekly column, featuring mention of Victor Estupinan's goal in the season finale against the Seattle Sounders and his good form in the reserve league matches towards the end of the season, as well as mention of French trialist Nicolas Dieuze.

Then, from late last week, also on the league website, is an article from Serrano discussing whether Juan Pablo Angel will be returning to Chivas next season and whether he wants to. Hint: he wants to, if Chivas will pay him more than a box of toothpicks. Robin Fraser and JPA seem to get along, so maybe, just maybe they can make it work? We'll keep you posted.

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And to finish the trifecta, Serrano has an article from today, also on the league website, about Nick LaBrocca's reflections on his career year. For Chivas' sake, let's hope this year was just the beginning for 'Nick the Quick!'

On the club's website, Gabe Dahl has collected some of the key stats on the season for the Goats. I'll be writing about one of those stats in some detail this week. Care to guess which one?

Also from Dahl, an article on the club website from today about Chivas training in the offseason, featuring input from LaBrocca and Michael Lahoud.

And Dahl also gets his own trifecta, with a feature on Ben Zemanski that's on the club website from a couple weeks back. The swiss army knife for Chivas gets a little attention - good for him!

The club also announced their official season award winners last week. Here's the full rundown. Congrats to Dan Kennedy, Nick LaBrocca, Heath Pearce, Michael Lahoud, and Alejandro Moreno!

You may want to check out Scott French's comments on ESPN on the nonsensical delay in releasing the news of the team awards, something I also wondered about as it seemed like every other team either announced their award winners during the last game of the regular season or in the week before.

Also, since I'm a week behind in providing links, here's the youth academy results from October 22-23. It looked like kind of a tough week overall for the Little Chivas (just testing that one out), but good results in tournament play.