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Chivatown Post: Looking Forward Edition

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With Chivas USA moving further away from the 2011 season, it seems like the shift to the offseason is fully on. Let's go over the news roundup.

First, Chivas USA might have been nominated for the Team Fair Play award this season, but they lost to the Portland Timbers. While it would have been nice to see the Goats get an award, in hindsight, it makes a certain amount of sense that the Timbers won. I can't recall any egregious incidents this season for Portland as far as fouls, red cards, or egregious incidents. In contrast, Chivas had that unfortunate moment with Marcos Mondaini breaking Javier Morales' ankle on a bad tackle. The third nominee, the Philadelphia Union, didn't have any egregious incidents during the season that I remember, but there was that one incident in the playoffs against the Houston Dynamo when one of the Farfan brothers nearly decapitated a Dynamo player with a kick to the neck. So, congratulations to the Timbers. Maybe next year, Chivas.

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In other news, Chivas beat writer Adam Serrano has his regular batch of tidbits and profiles. In this article, he describes the leadership in the Chivas academy system with the arrivals of Mike Munoz and Dan Calichman. Obviously, academies are a long-term investment, but I really like the fact that the club is making a commitment to building a quality academy that can produce professionals. Although youth development is a difficult thing to predict, the playing time for Ben Spencer and Marki Delgado in particular (who are named in the article) indicates some of the older juniors may be able to make the jump to the senior team in the next couple of years.

Serrano also has his weekly column on the league website. It includes Justin Braun seeking to be more consistent next season (a very worthy goal) and the possible return of Gerson Mayen, who I wrote about earlier this week. Perhaps my assessment that Mayen does not have a place on the team in the long run may be premature.

I did not link to Serrano's column from the previous week, so here it is. He talks about Alejandro Moreno's offseason gig as a TV commentator (move over John Harkes. Seriously), on Chivas' offseason training schedule, and on forward Chris Cortez, who is hoping to make the full adjustment to the first team next season and start scoring.

On the club's website, Gabe Dahl is doing a countdown this week featuring the Top 5 Chivas goals in 2011. Be sure to take a look. What do you think of the selections? Any key goals missing from the list?

Michael Umana (Costa Rica) joins Ante Jazic (Canada), Alejandro Moreno (Venezuela), and Zarek Valentin (USMNT U-23) as international call ups from the Goats for the current international window. We'll have an update of how those World Cup qualifiers and friendlies go.

Of note for Valentin, should he make the cut on the U23 squad, is that the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying tournament will be held in the United States in March. The tournament will be held at three sites: Nashville, Kansas City, and Carson. Obviously, this means the Home Depot Center, so if you are inclined to see a game or two, keep your eyes peeled for more information. At this point, it's not clear which teams will play in Carson, but as it gets closer, that news should come out.

Here's the Chivas Academy updates from the last two weeks, both on the club website.

On the former Chivas players front, Mexico-based reporter Tom Marshall writes on the MLS website about Jonathan Bornstein, who is looking to move on a loan or permanent deal from Tigres in January. Apparently, the possibilities are wide open, as Marshall mentions other Mexican clubs, MLS, or European clubs as possible destinations, assuming Tigres are willing to make some kind of deal with a club. One note: Chivas no longer hold Bornstein's MLS rights, as Portland obtained them after Bornstein transferred to the Mexican club.

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