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Boyens Selected by Galaxy in Re-entry Draft

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 05:  Boyens - possibly moving across the hall at the Home Depot Center for 2012 (Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)
ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 05: Boyens - possibly moving across the hall at the Home Depot Center for 2012 (Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)
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The second and final round of the MLS Re-entry draft occurred today, and several teams were very active. Although Chivas USA selected Arturo Alvarez last week in the first round, they made no picks today. One Chivas player who was available, defender Andrew Boyens, was selected, by the LA Galaxy in the first round of today's phase. The center back only started ten matches for Chivas in 2011, and fell out of favor with coach Robin Fraser, but the Galaxy's selection is quite shrewd. With the Galaxy involved in the league, the CONCACAF Champions League and the U.S. Open Cup in 2012, depth will be important. Plus, the contract situation of Sean Franklin is up in the air, and considering Omar Gonzalez will be going to Europe sooner or later, stocking up on MLS veterans is probably not the worst strategy in the world. Plus, Boyens is cheap, making $60,000 in base salary in 2011, and the Galaxy may be able to negotiate his salary even lower for 2012, as teams are able to renegotiate contracts in the second phase of the re-entry draft.

Bear in mind that much like Alvarez's situation with Chivas, Boyens does not automatically become a member of the Galaxy today. The re-entry draft means teams have the players' MLS rights, and player and club need to negotiate the terms of a contract before officially joining. So Boyens will likely enter negotiations with the Galaxy soon, but it is not assured that he'll be signed. Still, safe to say he won't be returning to Chivas.

Besides Boyens, the other players selected around the league today come from a similar position: MLS experienced, with cheap contracts. Here's a rundown of all the selections from the second phase.

Round 1 (Note, team in parenthesis is the player's team in 2011):

Seattle Sounders (from Vancouver Whitecaps): Marc Burch (D, D.C. United)

New England Revolution: Nate Jaqua (F, Seattle Sounders)

Chicago Fire: Kheli Dube (F, New England Revolution)

Colorado Rapids: Baggio Husidic (M, Chicago Fire)

Galaxy: Andrew Boyens (D, Chivas USA)

Round 2:

New England Revolution: Clyde Simms (M, D.C. United)

Colorado Rapids: Hunter Freeman (D, Houston Dynamo)

Galaxy: Chris Leitch (D, San Jose Earthquakes)

Round 3:

Galaxy: Pat Noonan (F, Seattle Sounders)

Round 4:

Galaxy: Jon Conway, (GK, Chicago Fire)

Retain rights:

Galaxy: Dasan Robinson (D)

Galaxy: Frankie Hejduk (D)

For more information on Boyens' 2011 season, check out his season review here.

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