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Scouting the Re-Entry Draft for Chivas USA

WASHINGTON DC - OCTOBER 23: Could Quaranta be a worthy pick up for Chivas USA? (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON DC - OCTOBER 23: Could Quaranta be a worthy pick up for Chivas USA? (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
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Following word that six players were made available by Chivas USA for the MLS Re-Entry draft, which starts next week, we now turn our attention to the players from other clubs who could be available for Chivas. With the fourth slot in the draft order, Chivas could select a player or two who could be worthwhile in 2012. Last year, they selected Jimmy Conrad in the re-entry draft from Kansas City, and planned to build the defense around him, until his career was ended by injury.

So, who might Chivas be in the market to pick up in this draft? Let's highlight a few potential options.

Santino Quaranta

The midfielder gave DC United a much-needed veteran presence in 2011. Although he only featured in 21 matches, Quaranta came off the bench to provide a new dynamic to DC's attack. In particular, he has been an established set piece man the past few years, something that Chivas could really use. The problem is that Quaranta looks like he might be past his best, and his base salary in 2011 was $115,000. I think he could be a good addition as a squad player, but it makes more sense for him to be selected in the second phase of the re-entry draft, where the club could renegotiate his contract. And if Chivas could rejuvenate Juan Pablo Angel in 2011, maybe similar magic could be in the works for Quaranta?

Ryan Cochrane / Carlos Mendes / Jonathan Leathers

Ok, hear me out on this. None of these three is likely starting material on a good team. Cochrane was part of the depressing situation in New England, while Leathers was on Vancouver, the West Coast's counterpart to the Revs. And Mendes was a back up center back for the Red Bulls, which isn't a glowing endorsement either for 2011. But all three are MLS defenders who could provide depth for Chivas. If they have to start here and there, that would be great, but upgrades in the defense still need to be made otherwise. Of the three, Leathers had the lowest salary in 2011, making the league minimum, and he is the youngest. Mendes is the most expensive, at just a hair under $100,000, but he has the most experience in MLS, and his stability of playing for one MLS team means he's a steady guy. None of these guys may be worth much, but they may turn out to be better than their terrible team performances would suggest. One of these three may be worth a flyer for the Goats.

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