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Chivatown Post: Wheeling and Dealing Edition

CARSON, CA - JULY 16:  Fraser: Learned lessons in 2011 (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
CARSON, CA - JULY 16: Fraser: Learned lessons in 2011 (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Time for a Chivas USA news roundup! There's been a lot of activity lately, with Ante Jazic being re-signed, Ryan Smith and James Riley coming to the Goats, and Zarek Valentin, Justin Braun, Gerson Mayen, and Paulo Nagamura going to the Montreal Impact and Sporting Kansas City, respectively. Let's check out what else is going on in Chivatown.

First, Chivas coach Robin Fraser sits down with beat writer Adam Serrano for an interview on the league's website. Fraser plays it close to the vest, as usual, but you can see he admits he's learned some lessons in 2011 in coaching. Also, his contention that it's good for the club to have stability in the coaching staff and front office makes quite a lot of sense.

ESPN's Scott French spoke with James Riley following the defender's trade to Chivas. Riley seems to be pretty levelheaded in the interview, which if true in reality, is a very good sign for a team looking for additional stability in 2012. French also comments on Sporting Kansas City coach Peter Vermes' comments following the trade with Chivas to get midfielder Paulo Nagamura. Sounds a little like Vermes doesn't respect Chivas' medical staff? Could there be a Owen Hargreaves-like outburst from Nagamura in the coming months? I doubt it, but given his injury troubles the past couple of years, it could happen.

French also spoke with Fraser on ESPN. It looks like he's as aware of the problems Chivas had in 2011 as the rest of us, which is a good sign. Seriously, at least we don't have Hans Backe as the coach (cheap shot! Sorry).

Serrano also reviews Chivas' 2011 season, as part of a series for all of the clubs on the league website. I can't argue with many of his choices - what do you think?

Also on the league website, a video compilation of Chivas' goals in 2011. Can't say I love the music, with all the panting and grunting, but to each his own. Still, fun to see the goals all together.

On the club's website, Gabe Dahl talked to Michael Lahoud, to see what his offseason plans are. Lahoud seems like he wants to work hard in the offseason, which is always a good sign. Maybe he wants to get consideration to be more in the starting lineup mix? Sounds like the guy has some good motivation.

Here's the weekly update on the youth academy goings on. The U9s won the Irvine Nike Harvest Cup. JPA's son is on the team, by the way. And look at the photo of those little guys! Awesome. Congrats to them.

Let's cap off the news roundup with a transfer rumor floating around. Ecuadorean midfielder Oswaldo Minda was reportedly offered a contract by the Goats. You can read about it in Spanish here in El Universo and in English here on the MLS Rumors website. He's spent his career in Ecuador, and has five international caps to his name. As ever, rumors are just that, so we'll wait and see what happens and if we hear more about him.

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