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Chivas USA vs. San Jose: Is Heath Pearce Really That Handsome?

Pearce with FC Dallas.
Pearce with FC Dallas.

Heath Pearce looks like one of those guys you see on the cover of GQ. You know the photos I'm talking about: a dapper looking gentleman in thousand-dollar pajamas and a Cartier watch casually reads the paper while some blonde bombshell behind him puts a kettle on the stove. I imagine that mornings at the Pearce household are something like that.

Oh, also, he just scored for Chivas on a spot kick just outside the box to tie the score at 1-1 just before halftime. So that's pretty awesome too.Officially, it's Moreno's goal, but I'm not sure he ever touched it.

Score: CHV 1 - SJ 1

(Wondolowski, 17')

(Moreno, 47')