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Lessons from the Castrol Index

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Last week, released a team-by-team list of each MLS players' Castrol Index. What's the Castrol Index, you ask? It's this. Looking at the numbers through April, The Goat Parade has learned a few things about our beloved Red-and-White.

Zemanski is a Rising Star

Say what you will about trying to mathematically evaluate soccer players, but the fact remains that Zemanski places 16th in the overall MLS ranking. Not too shabby. That ANY measure has him this high is telling, and confirms what we have seen on the field; he is emerging as a great young MLS player.

The Central Defense Could Still use Tweaking

While Heath Pearce scored highly in the index, Chivas' remaining central defenders did not. Boyens scored low, presumably for the excessive fouling against Salt Lake
last weekend. Nonetheless, contrary to what our blog said earlier, perhaps the return of Conrad could indeed bolster the squad in coming weeks.

Fraser made the right call at Goalkeeper

Not only is Dan Kennedy getting rated as one of the better keepers in the
league, but it also appears that age has caught up with former MLS
Goalkeeper of the year Zach Thornton, who did not receive favorable