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Goats' Notes: July 11, 2011

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Just a few items to post at the moment. Given that it is the silly season, these may be the sign of nothing to come, but a couple of rumors are making the rounds concerning players coming to Chivas. The first, of Mexican defender Joaquin Beltran, should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. Beltran is 34 years old and is currently unattached to a club, although he last played for Queretaro. I am unsure if he didn't play last season in the FMF or if nobody cares enough to update his wikipedia page (in English or Spanish), but the reasons why Chivas would pick up an old defender who missed a year is beyond me. Plus, he evidently squashed the rumors in a news article. linked to a story (in Spanish) from Mexico with him denying he'll be coming to the Goats. is also carrying a story where they link Chivas to French midfielder Laurent Courtois. He is currently with Grenoble, which played last season in Ligue 2 and is about to be disbanded for financial problems. Courtois has also played for West Ham, Levante, and Toulouse, so he has experience outside France. Since Grenoble were a Ligue 2 side, probably no MLS fans have seen him play - I haven't. But one to keep an eye on.


Finally, in Alejandro Moreno news, he did not see any action in Venezuela's last game at the Copa America, but Venezuela beat Ecuador 1-0. They are in 1st place in Group B, ahead of tournament favorites Brazil, and hope to wrap up a spot in the knock-out stages when they face Paraguay on Wednesday afternoon. Good luck to Ale and la vinotinto!