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Gamethread - Houston Dynamo at Chivas USA

This is your gamethread for tonight's game between Chivas USA and the Houston Dynamo at the Home Depot Center. It is Equality Night, so get involved and enjoy the atmosphere! For those of you watching at home like me, the game will be shown on Fox Sports West starting at 7:30 pm PST. As always, feel free to leave comments about whatever strikes your fancy, either before, during, or after the match. Any surprises in the lineup? Man of the match? Was it a fair result? What was the atmosphere like at the Home Depot Center?

If you haven't seen the preview yet, check it out.

Starting lineups after the jump...

Chivas starting lineup: Kennedy, Valentin, Umana, Pearce, Jazic, Lahoud, Elliott, Gavin, Flores, Braun, LaBrocca

Chivas bench: Thornton, Boyens, Trujillo, Mendoza, Nagamura, Cortez, Mondaini


Dynamo starting lineup: Hall, Sarkodie, Taylor, Hainault, Ashe, Cruz, Cameron, Watson, Davis, Weaver, Bruin

Dynamo bench: Deric, Boswell, Freeman, Dixon, Garey, Moffat, Robinson


Arriba las Chivas!