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Quick Take: Adu Rumored to Chivas USA

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According to several soccer news sites, Chivas USA are reportedly interested in acquiring U.S. International Freddy Adu. The 22-year old is currently under contract with Portuguese club Benfica, but he hasn't played there in years, instead bouncing around Monaco (then in Ligue 1 in France), Portuguese side Belenenses, the Greek club Aris, and Turkish 2nd division team Rizespor, all on loan deals. Adu has not played a great deal of competitive games while on his European trek, so a return to action in MLS may finally reinvigorate his career, and potentially help him realize his full potential as a professional player.

It was his rather surprise call-up to the U.S. Men's National Team this summer for the Gold Cup that provided Adu with the opportunity to begin a new chapter in his career. After not seeing the field for much of the tournament, Adu came on in the second half in the semifinal match against Panama and had an impact in his short stint on the field, starting the counterattack that led to the winning goal for the U.S. He then started the final against Mexico, where he helped to set up both of the United States' first half goals, and generally acquitted himself better in that loss than the rest of his teammates. Given the brief time Americans have seen him on the field in the last few years, it is unclear if he has the consistency to make an impact game in and game out, but signs of promise are certainly there. 

Adu and his agent have been on twitter this morning hinting that an announcement is imminent. Of course, this may be a smoke and mirrors job that is all too common in this league, or it could end up in an about-face and the whole thing could fall through. But given the sheer number of outlets jumping on the story, not to mention the conspicuous silence by the Chivas USA front office about it, I think chances are quite strong this is actually happening, and with the international transfer window closing soon it will have to happen quickly. Later today, I'll be updating whatever news may have broken on this story, if an announcement takes place, and breaking down what this signing will mean to Chivas USA, not only on the field but off it.