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Chivatown Post: Stadiums, Kennedy's Training and More

The City of Santa Ana, in Greater Los Angeles and seat of government for the County of Orange, approves a six-month negotiating window with Chivas USA to potentially move the team there.

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Some news on Chivas USA to offer up today. Coming off the end of season push, sandwiched between two games in four days, what's going on in Chivatown?

First up, an article from Adam Elmahrek of Voice of Orange County, revealing that Santa Ana reportedly has a six-month window to negotiate with Chivas USA about building facilities for the team, which would presumably include a stadium. The city counsel approved the six-month period despite some opposition from Santa Ana residents over the potential plan. Locals are concerned about the impact moving an MLS team to their city would have on traffic and noise concerns, while city officials are touting the potential economic impact for the city. It sounds like there is a decidedly mixed opinion among Santa Ana residents. What about among Chivas' fans?

Obviously, this news does not indicate that a deal with Santa Ana is imminent, and it is not clear if the team is entering negotiations simultaneously with other cities. Any plan is likely long off. As for the location, I suppose it brings the team closer to San Diego and provides a potential opening to Orange County soccer fans, but it would be farther from the city of Los Angeles, where Chivas' main fanbase is centered. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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Another story on the day comes from Adam Serrano, who talks to Jimmy Conrad, Chivas Assistant Coach Greg Vanney, and General Manager Jose Domene about the redevelopment of the club's academy system. With the dismissal of former academy director Sacha van der Most and staff and the incorporation of the Cosmos West academy into Chivas', as well as the appointment of Conrad to the academy staff following his retirement from the field, a lot of changes are taking place for the academy. Unsurprisingly, with the success of FC Barcelona's senior team featuring many of their own academy products, clubs around the world are trying to implement some of the elements of Barcelona's system into their plans, and that is clear with the insistence that the different academy levels at Chivas USA will play a uniform style of soccer. Can Chivas find success through their academy? We'll have to wait at least a few years to find out.

Also, on the club's official website, a short interview with Dan Kennedy about the secrets to his success, as far as his training and nutrition are concerned. Whatever works for DK, let's all hope he keeps it up!

Finally, coming out of yesterday's 2-2 draw against DC United, some interesting remarks from Juan Pablo Angel. Perhaps to fuel the local rivalry a bit more, JPA says, "Since I have moved to [Chivas], I have enjoyed the game again." His stint has been short and somewhat rocky, but with goals and comments like those, Chivas fans have to have some love for JPA. (Article courtesy of Adam Serrano).

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