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Chivatown Post: International Call-ups Edition

SANTA CLARA, CA - APRIL 23: Jazic: representing the red and white - the other red and white. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
SANTA CLARA, CA - APRIL 23: Jazic: representing the red and white - the other red and white. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A few news items to share with you today concerning Chivas USA. First, for the upcoming FIFA international window, three Goats have gotten a call up by their respective international teams. Defender Michael Umana has been called up by Costa Rica, defender Ante Jazic by Canada, and forward Alejandro Moreno by Venezuela. All three were also called up for the September international matches, so they all look like they are well-integrated into their national teams at the moment. Umana will be available for Costa Rica's friendly against Brazil in Costa Rica on October 8. Jazic and Moreno, however, could feature in their countries' 2014 World Cup qualifiers, as Jazic and Canada will take on St. Lucia in St. Lucia on October 7 and Puerto Rico in Toronto on October 11, while Moreno is eligible for the matches against Ecuador in Quito on October 7 and against Argentina in Venezuela on October 11. Hopefully these guys see some action and help get their teams some results. Congrats guys! You can read more about it from the team here.

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As for the Chivas USA player who was also called up to his national team recently, Heath Pearce, I think it's safe to assume the primary reason he wasn't called up to the United States national team is because of his lingering hamstring injury that has hobbled him for the last month and limited him to one match with Chivas. According to Adam Serrano, Pearce's status on the injury report has been downgraded for Sunday's match against the Philadelphia Union. As ever, I'm more concerned about Pearce getting fully healthy rather than needlessly risk a worse injury for astronomically small odds Chivas can make the playoffs this season. Since there will be an extra day before this game than normal, Pearce could feature, but I'd say it's pretty unlikely.

Finally, just wanted to provide a heads up for those of you looking ahead to the future of Chivas USA. As I've been relating to you over the past few months, there has been a lot of activity over at the Chivas USA Youth Academy set-up. Recently, they look like they're making an effort to get in touch with the public more and ramping up their marketing. They set up a twitter account last week (@ChivasUSAYouth) where they are providing quick updates about academy matches. They are also providing quick recaps and the upcoming schedule for games, as well as news on accomplishments for academy players, on their website - a new feature as far as I've noticed. Now, this may be super inside baseball for some of you, and may not interest you whatsoever and that's ok. But providing news on the academy on a regular basis and making news available to interested fans can only be helpful for Chivas to build their academy and to build their fanbase, and make the club a desirable destination for youth players. It may be a small step, but one that I endorse and hope continues regularly moving forward.

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