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Rumor Farm: Valencia to Chivas USA

SANDY, UT-MAY 29: Will Chivas get their own Olave? (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)
SANDY, UT-MAY 29: Will Chivas get their own Olave? (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Time for a transfer rumor update. Yesterday, Scott French reported on ESPN that Chivas USA are close to signing Colombian defender John Alexander Valencia, most recently of Atletico Junior in his home country. Rumors have been circulating for about a week or so linking Valencia to Chivas, but the last time I did a Rumor Farm post, the only articles I could find linked him to the club Juan Aurich in Peru. But with French's report, the rumor is very much alive, and indications are that Valencia could be joining Chivas as soon as next week, when training camp begins.

Valencia is 30 years old, and has spent most of his career in Colombia, also playing for Atletico Bucaramanga and Independiente Medellin. He also had a loan stint with Romanian club Otelul Galati in 2005 (that club may sound familiar to you, as they raised their profile this season with an appearance in the UEFA Champions League group stages, where they finished in last place in their group). Valencia has been with Junior since 2007, so he seems to be a pretty steady player, and he hasn't played for a dozen clubs or anything.

If he can make a similar impact for Chivas that fellow Colombian defenders Jhon Kennedy Hurtado (with the Seattle Sounders) and especially Jamison Olave (with Real Salt Lake) have had in MLS, it could be a terrific move for the Goats. But no official word on the move yet, so it remains in the rumor zone until further notice.

Chivas had a closed-door invite-only combine yesterday, so details of players who impressed may trickle out in the next several days. There is one rumor circulating pretty heavily at the moment, but I can't find any articles to back up the rumor, so I'll wait until I find something substantial to report it.

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