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Rumor Farm: Bolaños, Guppy and Alvarez

CARSON, CA - SEPTEMBER 10:  Fraser - confirming interest in Bolanos and Guppy (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)
CARSON, CA - SEPTEMBER 10: Fraser - confirming interest in Bolanos and Guppy (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)
Getty Images

There have been more transfer rumors concerning Chivas USA recently, and some progress on one of the rumors we reported last time. Ecuadorean midfielder Miller Bolaños has been linked to the Goats in his local press, and Adam Serrano spoke with Chivas coach Robin Fraser, who confirmed the club's interest in the player in an article posted today on the league website. This confirmation, in addition to the tweet earlier today from General Manager Jose Domene that the club was close to publicly announcing another signing, could indicate that Bolaños being the most likely player. Still, no confirmation yet, so we can't consider it a done deal at the moment.

In the same article by Serrano, Fraser also confirmed that the club may be signing goalkeeper Kevin Guppy as well. As a leaguewide pool goalkeeper for much of 2011, Guppy was paid $42,000 in guaranteed compensation, which is the league minimum for regular players, so the price would be right for him. Plus, this is circumstantial, but the club released a press release announcing Guppy would be doing a public appearance with other players ahead of the Rose Parade. He trains in Los Angeles and is familiar with the club, but I certainly hope he wasn't recruited to do community service work for a club he doesn't even belong to. My inclination is that he will sign with the Goats for 2012, but no official word just yet.

In the ongoing saga over midfielder Arturo Alvarez, whose MLS rights are currently owned by Chivas but who is out of contract, reports (Spanish) he may be going to Aris in Greece. He also claims interest from clubs in France and Germany as well. The article is little more than a blurb, so this may be an agent trying to stir the pot, or it could be legitimate. At the moment, it doesn't look particularly likely he'll be signing with Chivas, but we've seen players with European dreams have to return to MLS many times in the past.

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