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Chivas USA Owners Vergara and Fuentes Win Key Court Decision in Mexico

Chivas USA's owners have verified their ownership claims to Chivas de Guadalajara in a Mexican court, and they have discussed the judgment in the Mexican press. The decision evidently has an impact on Chivas USA as well.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Chivas USA owners Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes have made public comments since news broke this week that they won a court decision in Mexico after a protracted battle over their ownership claims to Chivas de Guadalajara.

The original complaint was that a group of investors involved with the previous ownership group at Chivas disputed the ownership claim of the Vergaras, and sued to attempt and overturn the new owners' control over the club. But the Fifth Court on Civil Matters Third Circuit in Mexico ruled that the change in business status for Club Deportivo Guadalajara was legal and dismissed the claim of the former investors. All of this information comes from an article from on Tuesday (in Spanish).

For her part, Fuentes appears to be relieved that the case is evidently over, and will be apparently settling any outstanding obligations to the former investing group tomorrow, and officially take over absolute control over Chivas USA. In an article posted to Grupo Formula yesterday (in Spanish), Fuentes says she's glad the company will be dealing with soccer and no more "outrageous demands."

Perhaps the wait for the decision may have contributed to the Vergaras' silence since taking over (apparent) complete ownership of Chivas USA. In the event that they would have lost the court case in Mexico, their entire soccer component of their business empire would have likely been in jeopardy, which could have included the American club. We'll see if there is more engagement from here on out.

Vergara has also been talking, something he does a lot in Mexico. He also discussed his happiness at the decision (in Spanish). But he's pretty much already moved on from that, and he's become the source of mirth again, as he claimed in separate comments (in Spanish) that he's learned from his past mistakes, that he pays attention to his advisors, and that Chivas are on track to be the best club in the world, like Barcelona. You can't fault him for being ambitious, but naturally many Mexicans are laughing at his latest claims. It seems a worthy goal would be to try and be the best team on the field in Mexico first, then consider global domination.

Interestingly, Fuentes was the one who mentioned Chivas USA, while Vergara never referenced them in his latest public comments. That may be down to context or down to priorities for the husband and wife. But hopefully this decision frees up a hell of a lot of money from the litigation budget and we see some positive changes at Chivas USA.

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