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Medford Rumored to Be Offered Chivas USA Coaching Job

The former Costa Rican international is reported to be in talks with both the Guatemalan national team and Chivas USA.

Medford is a former Costa Rican international.
Medford is a former Costa Rican international.
Kevork Djansezian

Well, Chivas USA do not currently have a head coaching vacancy, but a report out of Costa Rica, that is widely circulating around Central American websites today, is that Hernán Medford is being courted by Chivas USA. According to this article on (in Spanish), Medford, who is currently coach of Guatemalan club Xelajú MC, is weighing options to coach either the Guatemalan National Team, who you may recall has just been knocked out of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying, or Chivas USA.

Medford is a former Costa Rican international, and played for teams around the world, from separate stints with Saprissa in his home country, to multiple teams in Mexico and several different teams in Europe between 1980 and 2003. Since retiring as a player, he's been coaching. He coached Saprissa, then moved on to the Costa Rican national team for two years, followed by Club Leon in Mexico and now his current stint with Xelajú.

Medford does have a connection to Jorge Vergara, as he coached Saprissa during a successful stretch shortly after Vergara's purchase of the club. Saprissa won the CONCACAF Champions Cup in 2005 and represented the confederation in the Club World Cup that year, where they finished third.

The issue with this report is that it needs to be taken with some skepticism at the moment. Since Medford himself is not on the record in the report, it could be bogus, or throwing in a link to a Jorge Vergara-owned club could be a ploy to drum up leverage, either for Medford's current club or for the Guatemalan national team job.

And if it is legitimate, it comes with some worries. The track record of coaches coming from Latin America with no previous MLS experience has been poor historically, and Medford has never played or coached in the U.S. That's not to say that it could not work, but the various roster and salary rules in the league seem to trip up pretty much all newcomers.

Still, this is definitely a wait-and-see story. We could hear more about this, or this could be a false report, or it could lead nowhere with the Goats. We'll keep you posted!

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