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Two SoCal Gals Podcast: World Cup Qualifying, MLS Action, and Guest Adam Serrano

This week, we discuss, the LA teams with Adam Serrano, World Cup qualifying results, and some of the big MLS stories.

The LA teams are on our minds this week.
The LA teams are on our minds this week.
Ric Tapia

This week's episode of the Two SoCal Gals podcast is available for your ears! This time around, Josie and I welcome Adam Serrano, who you probably remember as the former beat writer of Chivas USA for, as our guest this week. We talk about Chivas and the LA Galaxy with him (and he shares his favorite moment from covering the Goats), try to find the words for some of the big story lines to finish off the MLS regular season, and revisit some of the key matches in World Cup qualifying this past week. And as usual, we do it all in just over a half hour!

You can find the show on iTunes here. The show is also on twitter: @2SoCalGals, and we are on Google+ (look us up as "Josie Alicia" and add us to a circle!).

As always, thanks for listening, and thanks for your support. Please continue to spread the word!

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