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Kennedy Nearly Sweeps 2012 Awards for Chivas USA

Chivas USA and the Supporters Groups gave away awards last night, and Dan Kennedy came away with almost all of them.

DK is pumped! He just won a bunch of awards!
DK is pumped! He just won a bunch of awards!
Stephen Dunn

At the Chivas USA-Colorado Rapids match last night, the club announced several of the team and Supporters Groups awards. Unsurprisingly, goalkeeper Dan Kennedy featured heavily in the plaudits. He won the club's Defender of the Year award, the club's Most Valuable Player award, the Union Ultras Most Valuable Player award, and the Black Army's "Papa Joe" award.

The other player recognized was forward Alejandro Moreno, who won the club's "Spirit of Chivas USA" award for the second year running. To be honest, I'm still not sure what this award means, maybe that he's the best professional and example for his teammates? Unlike the position or MVP awards, this one is a bit more amorphous.

The team will likely still announce a couple more winners this season, as the Golden Boot recipient is possibly still up in the air, as Juan Pablo Angel has a slight edge over his teammates in the goals category, and if Chivas actually put the ball in the net next week, it could make a difference. Also, the team will likely announce a Humanitarian of the Year award, something that I believe every team in the league does annually.

If you are interested in having a say as far as 2012 Chivas USA awards, don't fret! We'll be polling you, the readers, for several awards next week after the season is done and dusted. In the meantime, mull over your options, and get in the voting spirit. 'Tis the season, after all.

In the meantime, congratulations to Dan and Alejandro for their awards last night!

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