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MLS Commissioner Don Garber Suggests League is Helping Chivas USA Get Downtown LA Stadium

The Commissioner mentions both the need for more support of Chivas USA, as well as the desire to see a stadium for the club in downtown LA.

Garber: He remembers Chivas
Garber: He remembers Chivas
Mike Stobe

Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber sat down for an interview with Abraham Madkour for Sports Business Daily last week, and the Don brought up Chivas USA during the discussion. The interview, which ran a little under 11 minutes, was wide-ranging on MLS topics, but Garber mentioned Chivas USA specifically when discussing future plans for the league:

We've got a handful of clubs that we want to put league resources behind, ticket sales help, marketing and other support, particularly the reconfiguration of the ownership group in Los Angeles, with Chivas. We think there is an opportunity to build a stadium in downtown Los Angeles. That's a team we want to see rise up and create more excitement in the local market.

So based on these remarks, Garber wants the league to help Chivas' marketing and outreach, something that certainly couldn't hurt, considering the team has had practically no visible marketing this year in the region. But the big point from his comments are that the dream of getting a Soccer Specific Stadium in downtown LA has not died. This certainly bodes well for the prospects of the club staying in the area and putting down permanent roots in its own home. And in Los Angeles proper no less!

Obviously Garber's comments are not the same as a guarantee, but this is certainly a vote of confidence for the future of the team.

Here is the entire interview if you're interested in watching it:

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