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Chivas USA defender Danny Califf is Still Coveted by Philadelphia Union Fans

An editorial on Brotherly Game made an emotional plea to bring Danny Califf back to the Union. Chivatown is perplexed.

Oh look, Danny's already on a team.
Oh look, Danny's already on a team.
Victor Decolongon

I compiled a narrative of some of the best tweets and facebook posts on the editorial posted yesterday on SB Nation Philadelphia Union blog Brotherly Game to bring Chivas USA defender Danny Califf back to the Union. It includes a petition and everything, so evidently some folks are truly serious about this matter.

My first reaction is that it seems some Union fans can't get over Califf's trade earlier this season. I understand their connection to their former captain, but this entire situation with a petition and everything, months after Califf left the team, seems like it is in the realm of fantasy. It's like they want the Union to find a "take-backsies" provision in the trade with Chivas, and activate it. I'm pretty sure that is not going to happen. Plus, you know, he plays for another team, and has quickly become a popular player there. Doesn't it feel kind of dirty to go after a player on another team? It's not like Chivas' fans are sending their team's Front Office petitions asking to nab Thierry Henry from the New York Red Bulls or something.

At any rate, here's a storify post featuring some of the main beats in the social media sphere since the original editorial was posted.

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