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Chivas USA Name Jose David Club President, Jose Luis Real Technical Director

In a strangely-timed press release, Chivas USA have announced they have a new President and a new Technical Director.

Real will be overseeing soccer operations, now for both Chivas teams
Real will be overseeing soccer operations, now for both Chivas teams
Otto Greule Jr

Chivas USA made an announcement this evening about two appointments in the front office. At 8:17 p.m., they released a statement that they were naming Mexican businessman Jose David Team President and Jose Luis Real Technical Director, effective immediately.

The move marks the first that have taken place since Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes took over full ownership control of the club. According to the release, David has worked and lived in Mexico and the United States, and has worked for a variety of companies. It does not appear that he has experience in soccer or sports generally, although it is also not clear what his job responsibilities will be and if he really needs to have experience in the field in that particular position.

We reported about a month ago that Real was in the process of evaluating Chivas USA on behalf of Vergara. He's a former coach and youth ranks coach, and brought Chivas de Guadalajara to the Copa Libertadores final in 2011. The press release notes he'll remain in Guadalajara in his current job with Chivas de Guadalajara, also as Technical Director. It also noted he will continue to live in Mexico and visit Los Angeles "with regularity." Whether this is a way to bring synergy to the clubs or making a shortcut with putting the same guy in two different jobs in two different countries is unclear, but Real is respected by and large in Mexico.

What is also unclear is what that means for General Manager Jose Domene, or even the General Manager position with the club. Some teams have Technical Directors and General Managers, while some clubs have one position or the other. It will be interesting to see how the tasks are parceled out, and whether they will shuffle the front office organization further. Will there be further news in the coming weeks, or will the media blackout largely continue? We'll keep you posted.

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