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Two SoCal Gals Podcast: MLS Dark Horses and Robert Jonas

On the latest Two SoCal Gals podcast, we welcome Robert Jonas, and the special word of the episode is "ennui."

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Commissioner Garber helped break ground for San Jose's stadium - Chivas USA next?
Commissioner Garber helped break ground for San Jose's stadium - Chivas USA next?
John Medina

This week, we've brought the Two SoCal Gals podcast a little early, so you can get a jump on your soccer weekend! Our guest this week is Robert Jonas, who is probably the foremost San Jose Earthquakes expert on the internets, and we talk to him about the possibilities for a San Jose-hosted MLS Cup Final, what's going on with the new stadium now that ground has been broken, Alan Gordon's surprising resurgence this season, and Chris Wondolowski's chase of the MLS season scoring record. You can always check out Robert's writings on SB Nation Earthquakes blog Quake, Rattle and Goal. Thanks very much to Robert for his time!

Otherwise, what do Josie and I discuss this week? The MLS Cup dark horse (the answers may surprise you...that's probably why they are called dark horses), who is on our radar for some of the main MLS awards, what's happening in UEFA Champions League and CONCACAF Champions League, the changes taking place this week at Chivas USA, and more! And as always, we do it in just over a half hour.

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