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Chivas USA's Minda Called Up for Ecuador World Cup Qualifiers

Minda continues his run in the Ecuador National Team with a call-up to this month's qualifiers.

Jamie Sabau - Getty Images

Chivas USA midfielder Oswaldo Minda has been called up to Ecuador's 2014 World Cup Qualfiers this month, according to a press release from the club. Minda will be on hand for Ecuador's game against Chile in Quito on October 12, and against Venezuela on the road October 16.

Minda's absence will not cause him to miss any matches with Chivas (barring an unforeseen injury, heaven forbid), since the team will take a break for the FIFA international window after Sunday's match against FC Dallas. The selection is an indication that Ecuador National Team coach Reinaldo Rueda hasn't given up on Minda after his slip that led to an opponent's equalizer in the last qualifier, although he may or may not play a lot of minutes in these matches.

In case you were wondering, Ecuador sits in 3rd place in the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying table, while Chile is in 5th and Venezuela is in 6th place. What's important to note, however, is that two points separates Ecuador from Venezuela at this point, so one win or loss can really make a difference. Ecuador's on pace to make it to Brazil, but they have a great deal of work to go.

Congratulations Oswaldo!

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