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Just Another Night in the Depths: Vancouver Whitecaps 4, Chivas USA 0

Chivas USA lost again Wednesday. That makes it seven in a row.

Jeff Vinnick - Getty Images

Chivas USA have lost a club-record seventh consecutive match, as they fell to the Vancouver Whitecaps 4-0 Wednesday night at BC Place. The loss officially eliminated Chivas from playoff contention, although they obviously haven't looked like they would make the playoffs in a full two months. It was also a night of many other horrible lows, which we'll recount below.

Much like last weekend's game against Real Salt Lake, Chivas' opponents got off the mark early and often. In the 11th minute, Kenny Miller set up a one-timer in the middle of the box for Gershon Koffie which the Ghanaian buried with authority. Miller soon came off with an injury, but that didn't stop the Whitecaps, who were previously on a seven game winless streak. Dane Richards, who replaced Miller, scored a goal in the 35th minute when he blew past John Valencia and hit a strong snap shot.

Chivas were able to keep the scoreline, ahem, respectable until about the hour mark, when Camilo Sanvezzo got a goal of his own, after stretching out to bury the cross from Richards. Then Barry Robson put the capper on in the 73rd minute, when he buried Camilo's cross on a half volley.

Meanwhile, Chivas literally did not register a shot on goal. That, and the scoreline, should tell you what you need to know about this match. But keep reading, because I'm going to break it down further:

Infamous history made: Yeah, Chivas have never lost seven games in a row in club history. Not even 2005, not even 2010, never before. The current streak is also the second-longest in the league so far this season, behind only Toronto FC's nine consecutive losses to start the season. I don't think it is over the top to suspect that Chivas could rival or beat that mark over the remaining three matches.

Look, it isn't fun, or entertaining, to watch this team this season. Folks are sharpening their knives at a variety of culprits, and that is something that we will discuss on this website, to be sure, but the reality is that it takes a team effort to perform this badly. Owners and investment, management, coaching, players - everybody is playing a part. It is an unfortunate consolation to know that there are only three games to go this season.

And about that scoreless streak: Juan Pablo Angel wasn't involved in this match, and he seems to be a part-time player to finish the season (and possibly his career). Alejandro Moreno got a start, and if he's one of the starting forwards on a team that never scores, he's not the bet to get on the scoresheet. The same problems that have plagued Chivas offensively all season cropped up again, with Chivas absolutely dominating on possession but failing to enter the final third with any regularity. When players do take shots, they more often than not get blocked before they make it to goal. Isn't this indicative of something wrong? Some blocks are normal, but nearly all of Chivas' chances seem to be blocked by outfield players. Either their positioning is awful or they are so very predictable.

In all of this is the scoreless streak, which now sits at 532 minutes. That is almost six full games. I also heard during tonight's broadcast that that tally is fourth-worst in league history. Will Chivas end up making even worse history with their season goals tally? It also looks pretty likely at this point, unfortunately.

Any Bright Spots? Well, Marky Delgado made his professional debut, as he played the final 17 minutes. He was lively, if a bit behind the pace of the game, and he took a shot, although it was off the mark. As opposed to the rest of the roster, who all have professional experience, Delgado's only 16 and was thrown into the deep end when his team was completely demoralized. Still, congrats to Marky, and let's hope he can grow and continue developing his game.

Looking ahead: Chivas host FC Dallas Sunday. Dallas will be on a full week of rest, have looked at tonight's match, and will be eager to win to keep pace in the playoff race with Vancouver. They'll probably also want to score a bunch in order to keep the edge in the goals scored tally, should they need a tiebreaker to get into the playoffs. Chivas have been playing like crap, so there's not much to expect in this one. If the Goats are going to show anything different, they'll have to surprise this writer, because she can't have hope at this point.

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