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Two SoCal Gals: Kayla Knapp is Guest and More!

The latest Two SoCal Gals podcast is out, and this one features Kayla Knapp from as our guest.

Jeff Vinnick - Getty Images

It has been a busy week, both in and out of soccer, and the latest Two SoCal Gals episode is available! This week, we welcome Kayla Knapp from as our guest, giving us the Three SoCal Gals for five good minutes. Kayla discussed MLS, English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. Josie and I also discussed those topics, as well as many more. For example, which European heavyweight is most likely to get bounced out of the Champions League? What do we think of the San Jose Earthquakes' slogan of 2012, "Goonies Never Say Die"? Find out by listening!

Perhaps my favorite part of the episode was when we discussed if Thierry Henry is just a jerk or a great star whose peculiarities can be overlooked. Josie didn't hold back, as she told him what he could do with all of his pre-MLS trophies and cups and pots and pans. Listen and find out how she finished that particular statement.

The episode is available here on iTunes. Keep spreading the word and once again, thanks very much for your support!

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