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Two SoCal Gals: Match Impact Rating with Patrick Johnston, MLS Playoffs and More

Two SoCal Gals: We get our statistics on, and discuss the odds of Wondo winning the playoff Golden Boot.

Looking (relatively) good, Miller
Looking (relatively) good, Miller
Thearon W. Henderson

Once again this week, we've brought the latest Two SoCal Gals Podcast to you a day early, in honor of the MLS Cup Playoffs! Obviously we discuss the playoffs, including last night's opener, a 2-1 road win by the Houston Dynamo over the Chicago Fire, and I wonder why I didn't just go for the team dressed in orange on Halloween night - in hindsight, it was a no-brainer!

Our guest this week is Patrick Johnston, the man behind the Match Impact Rating on LAG Confidential. We discuss what the MIR is, what goes into it, and who fared the best on Chivas USA. It's a pretty interesting metric, and I've posted Patrick's latest article with the end of season ratings on this website as well, but here's the link if you are interested. Which Chivas player has the best MIR in 2012? How does that rank against the rest of the league? And what eligible category does Ante Jazic lead this year? (See, Oswaldo Minda wasn't the only Goat to lead the league in something!) Thanks to Patrick for his insight on the statistical front!

You'll find the show on iTunes here. Thanks for your continued support! Happy listening!

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