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ESPN Reports Chivas USA Will Play at Home Depot Center in 2013

Among the revelations: stadium news, the Vergaras won't be selling Chivas USA, and more.

Chivas USA: May not be leaving the HDC next season after all
Chivas USA: May not be leaving the HDC next season after all
Joe Scarnici

In a report by Rigo Cervantez on ESPN Deportes Los Angeles this evening (in Spanish), Chivas USA will, contrary to previous reports, continue to play at the Home Depot Center for the 2013 season. As disappointing as that might be for Chivas' fans, the report, which was wide-ranging, said that the team would be seeking a stadium site of their own, and would like to move into it more than three years from now.

The report also indicated that Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes are not planning to sell the club, seemingly in large part because of the value of the club, which has increased significantly since the club entered the league in 2005.

Cervantez finishes the report in commenting on the questions surrounding the future direction of the club. Splitting the difference between a pro-Mexican and a pro-American perspective, he acknowledges the club is at a crossroads at the moment.

He does not specifically list any sources for this report, but if the revelations in this story are confirmed at tomorrow's greatly-anticipated press conference, this story may have been encouraged in order to begin spreading the word about some of the major decisions taking place at the club. If not, well, we'll chalk it up to another overreaching report. Be sure to check back here tomorrow for our coverage of the press conference.

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