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What Jorge Vergara's "Chicharito to Chivas USA" Story May Have Left Out

A well-respected American soccer journalist weighs in on the flashy story from Tuesday's press conference.

Mike Lawrie

Jorge Vergara may well be a very entertaining owner. You may remember Vergara mentioning--previously rumored but seldom taken seriously--that he offered Chivas USA Javier Hernandez for a season-long loan, only to be told by Preki that Chicharito "wasn't good enough." The story was the lead in most news accounts of Tuesday's press conference, but there was still a fair amount of skepticism about the revelation.

But there's more to the story than Vergara lets on. Sports Illustrated and Fox Soccer's Grant Wahl, a guest on the Talk Timbers' radio show on Wednesday, was asked whether he believed Vergara. Wahl initially expressed skepticism but did add:

"...It's possible actually … there certainly was a time a few years ago when Javier Hernandez was struggling... There was a time at Chivas Guadalajara when Hernandez thought about giving up the game not that long ago. Obviously things started working out for him … he made the move to Manchester United and he's a completely different player today."

In light of these facts, you may as well blame Preki for not becoming an early Google investor. From the sound of Wahl's remarks, Chicharito himself may have well agreed with Preki's supposed assessment.

You can find the link here. The interview begins at about the 8:28 mark and Grant begin's speaking about Chivas shortly afterwards.

This will probably continue to be a disputed story, but we do know that Vergara will likely continue to provide us with these kinds of stories. As long as that includes wins, the fans will probably be happy.

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