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Hype Machine Has Juan Agudelo Moving to Celtic

A televised interview in Scotland with Juan Agudelo has media on both sides of the Atlantic claiming he's transferring to Celtic. We express skepticism at the news, such as it is.

Agudelo: He said nice things, so he's obviously leaving.
Agudelo: He said nice things, so he's obviously leaving.
Jeff Gross

Since a transfer window is right around the corner, and since people get paid to talk to athletes, there has been increased talk of Chivas USA forward Juan Agudelo getting a transfer to Celtic F.C. the past few days. Of course, Agudelo trained with the club, and by the looks of it, may have stayed on longer than the initial week he was supposed to be working with the Scottish club. But does that mean a transfer from Los Angeles to Glasgow is in the works?

Let's look at the evidence so far:

Look, the point is that to me this seems like basically no smoke and definitely no fire at this point. This happens all of the time in soccer - ask a non-European player directly if he wants to play in Europe and he invariably says, "Yes, definitely!" Ask a player training at a club in the offseason if he would like to transfer to that club - what is he supposed to say? The day that a player does not offer praise for a club and bandy about a hypothetical transfer to said club while still in that city is the day that player will never be asked to train at another club in the offseason again. Goodness, it is basic good manners to say nice things about the team that lets you train with them.

Could Agudelo get a transfer before the 2013 MLS season? Certainly. I'm not saying it definitely won't happen, but I just don't think that the remarks he made in a single interview that have been refracted fifty different ways means a transfer is on the immediate horizon.

And if you like, I can play this game too. Agudelo said in the STV interview that Chivas USA next season will be "ten times better." Hence, that means Agudelo thinks Chivas will earn 300 points in 2013, right? They will score 240 goals? I mean, that's what he said, I'm just reporting it folks!

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