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Jose Domene out at Chivas USA

He held on for a few months, but it appears the inevitable has happened.

All three of these men are gone from Chivas USA
All three of these men are gone from Chivas USA
Ned Dishman

Chivas USA have confirmed to The Goat Parade that General Manager Jose Domene has left the team, starting today. Kevin Baxter broke the news over at the LA Times last night, updating the original report he made back in August when Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes took over full control of the club. Domene remained in the General Manager position until the press conference with Vergara November 13, when it was announced he would remain with the club in a vague and ultimately unnamed position. As a result, it is not entirely surprising Domene was eventually fired, although why they waited to do it is unclear.

On social media, many fans have expressed their displeasure at the news, as Domene really made an effort in 2012 to become the public face of the club. He was behind the scenes in 2011, but the fact that he did reach out to fans, make public appearances at games and periodically tweet on his own account really helped him become perhaps the most celebrated figure at the club this year. That, coupled with the fact that he really made some bold moves in 2012, with trades for Juan Agudelo, Danny Califf, and Shalrie Joseph in particular, indicated that he was getting the hang of Major League Soccer's byzantine system and culture. Of course, Chivas finished second-worst and worst in the Western Conference in Domene's two seasons with the club, so certainly some blame for the team's poor records has to be put on him.

So, unless Jose Luis Real is going to take over the General Manager's job (which appears highly unlikely), or unless the new coach, whoever he may be, will also be the team's GM, Chivas USA now need a head coach and a GM for 2013. Since the coach hasn't come within Vergara's 10 day promise, who knows when the GM will be hired, but as always, we'll have all of the news when we hear it!

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