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Jesse Marsch out as Montreal Impact Coach

Today, Marsch announced he will no longer be Montreal's coach. Does that mean he may be coming back to Chivas USA?

Marsch is out in Montreal, but don't expect him to come to Chivas.
Marsch is out in Montreal, but don't expect him to come to Chivas.

During a press conference this morning, it was announced that Montreal Impact head coach Jesse Marsch was leaving the team "by mutual agreement." Although there seemed to be a growing rift between Marsch's approach of using MLS veterans to build a good core for the first-year MLS club, and the ownership's desire to build the team around Europeans and particularly well-known Italians Marco Di Vaio and Alessandro Nesta, the news came as something of a surprise. Although they finished seventh in the Eastern Conference (meaning they finished better than three teams in the East), they won 12 games and remained in the playoff picture into September. There were some bumps, but it seemed like it was a pretty good season, all things considered.

The immediate discussion on twitter after the news came out was that Marsch, who of course played for Chivas USA from 2006-2009, could become the man for the expected-to-be-vacant head coaching position with the Goats. Of course, the worst-kept secret in MLS is that Robin Fraser will not be continuing with Chivas next season, but the club has not made any announcement as of yet.

Frankly, the reality that Marsch could become Chivas' head coach in 2013 is likely nonexistent. Rumors have it that Efrain Flores will be taking the helm, but that has also not been confirmed. Even if Flores doesn't become coach, it is safe to assume that the ownership group will be selecting an in-house (to the Vergaras) candidate, likely somebody that Jorge Vergara knows well.

Admittedly, Marsch only has a single season under his belt as a head coach, one less than Fraser has at this point, but the sentiment to bring Marsch stems from his familiarity with the unique structures of MLS and with Chivas USA. Still, it is evident, barring a major turnaround, that the owners are not heading in that direction.

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