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Chivas USA Goalkeeper Patrick McLain Announces 2013 Contract Option Picked Up

Does this demonstrate Chivas will not resort to maximum roster turnover this offseason?

McLain: Will be back, hopefully alongside DK and Melia.
McLain: Will be back, hopefully alongside DK and Melia.
Victor Decolongon

Continuing in the recent announcements from Ante Jazic and Rauwshan McKenzie, Chivas USA goalkeeper Patrick McLain announced yesterday via twitter that his contract option for next year was picked up:

McLain was the third-string goalkeeper for the Goats in 2012, and didn't see any competitive minutes this year. He's 24, and made as little as an MLS player possibly could in 2012. I would assume the plan would be that he'll return as the third option again, and hopefully the two keepers ahead of him, presumably Dan Kennedy and Tim Melia, will expect to see the majority of minutes next season. Still, bringing back a reserve player like McLain with the likelihood of him seeing few minutes but continuing the stability of the squad looks like a good move. The question does remain as to who is actually making these decisions with no coach and no GM in place, but you know, it's the usual in Chivatown.

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