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Your Rooting Guide to the 2012 MLS Cup Final

The final is here, and only one team can be rooted for. Which team will we pick (hint: rhymes with "Fouston Rynamo")?

Victor Decolongon

Ok, so the playoffs are almost over, and the final two teams are set to decide the MLS Cup champion for 2012. Don't rub your eyes, it is not deja vu, as the LA Galaxy host the Houston Dynamo for the second year in a row. It is also rainy like last year's final, which is frankly pretty eerie. But yes, the worst-case scenario is almost upon us again. There's only one team to stop the Galaxy's reign of terror.

Oh, I'm getting a little ahead of myself! It's the final time of this year to get out the Rootability Index and see what the numbers tell us (SPOILER ALERT: It doesn't like the same team winning again this year). Without further ado:

Galaxy vs. Dynamo (1:30 p.m. PT, ESPN/Telefutura):

Houston Rootability Index: 1,000,000

The Dynamo are the team that nobody believes in. Sure, some people are talking them up, but this happens before every title game - I'm sure even David was given a chance by the pundits before facing Goliath (wait, bad example...). The fact of the matter is that MLS, most people overseas (because they don't know other teams besides the Galaxy and Thierry Henry's team), and the mainstream media want to see the Galaxy triumph again in David Beckham's last game. And maybe Landon Donovan's last game. Houston is just seen as cannon fodder here.

That's crazy talk. You (might have) followed this league all season. You are reading this so you are invested one way or another. Don't let the know-nothings (and a few know-a-lots) get their way! I know orange isn't a common color around here but find a way to wear some for the Dynamo. They are the underdogs. You know what you have to do. There's no question.

Galaxy Rootability Index: -4,000,000



Rachna: Houston

Matthew: Houston will win it. There's no questioning this team's hunger and fight. They played the Galaxy close last year despite not having Brad Davis. They've added Oscar Boniek García as a DP and Will Bruin is making the case for the Sophomore of the Year, if there was such an award. As much as the rest may have benefited the Galaxy players like Landon Donovan and possibly A.J. DeLaGarza, it also gave them two weeks of listening to the ceaseless ruminations of David Beckham's next move. Now the game is a subplot to the machinations of Brand Beckham and Houston is just the sort of team that will benefit from that.

Alicia: I want Houston to win so much, but I have a feeling it won't happen.

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