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Fan Vote: Chivas USA's 2012 Defender of the Year

It's voting season! Be sure to cast your vote!

I'm guessing he isn't voting for Valencia...
I'm guessing he isn't voting for Valencia...
Jamie Sabau

The season is over, and it is time for you, the reader, to vote for the postseason awards! The first question on the ballot is who is Chivas USA's best defender this season? The season ultimately ended on a very disappointing note, but the defense really carried the team through the first two-thirds of the season.

The team gave their Best Defender award to Dan Kennedy, which read like a default considering the terrible performances the rest of the team had. But The Goat Parade is sticking with defenders, so we find out who you really think did the best job this season in defense. Besides, DK will probably get a chance at an upcoming award on this site.

So who is it going to be? James Riley played the most minutes. Danny Califf seemed to bring a level of leadership needed on the backline. Rauwshan McKenzie appeared to overachieve considering the expectations he had coming in. Ante Jazic had a steady season, even if he didn't bring the offensive prowess he had in 2011. John Valencia and Shalrie Joseph...well, they helped make up the numbers, right?

Anyway, it's your choice. Feel free to explain your selection in the comment section below!