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Fan Vote: Chivas USA's 2012 Top Attacker

The Goat Parade's fan awards voting continues with the top offensive player in 2012 for Chivas USA. Cast your vote!

Do veterans JPA or Moreno get your consideration?
Do veterans JPA or Moreno get your consideration?
Marc Piscotty

We opened the polls this morning with the fan vote for Chivas USA's Top Defender this season, and we're following that up with the Top Attacker. Which player was the best on the offensive end in 2012 in your eyes?

Obviously, the headlines this season was about the Goats' lack of prowess on the offensive end, and that shouldn't be overlooked. But even if 2012 was far from vintage (which it was), we still ought to recognize the best of the pack for The Goat Parade's awards. And that's where you come in!

Chivas USA didn't have a top offensive player award in their own awards this season, although Juan Pablo Angel won the Golden Boot, which is based on number of goals (he led the team in league goals with four). Alejandro Moreno won the "Spirit of Chivas USA" award, which is neat but I'm still not sure what that means.

I don't want to unduly influence anybody, but I did make a case for Miller Bolaños as the team's offensive MVP last month. Still, this isn't my choice, it is yours! Who do you select? Feel free to explain your choice in the comment section below!