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Fan Vote: Chivas USA's 2012 Team MVP

We finish up The Goat Parade's 2012 votes with the grandaddy: Most Valuable Player.

Is Riley your MVP?
Is Riley your MVP?
Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

The final award of the season is upon us, and it is Chivas USA's 2012 Team Most Valuable Player. We need you (yes, you!) to vote on the award, as it comes from the fans. Remember, the vote is still open for The Goat Parade's three other awards: best defender, top attacker, and best newcomer. Be sure to cast your vote in all four categories!

Since this is the biggest award, we're giving you the top nominees:

Juan Pablo Angel: Won the team's Golden Boot award, mentored the young stable of forwards on the roster, and was willing to come off the bench this season.

Dan Kennedy: Won the club's Top Defender award, the club's MVP award, the club's Humanitarian award, and widely recognized as one of the best goalkeepers in MLS.

Oswaldo Minda: The Ecuadorian international brought skill and physicality to the midfield for the Goats in 2012.

James Riley: Played more minutes than any other outfield player in 2012. Chipped in two assists from the right back position.

Other: Don't like these four nominees? Pick your own (be sure to name your pick in the comment section below)!

On this important day of voting, it is up to you to determine the recipients of The Goat Parade's 2012 fan awards!