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National Media Reporting Robin Fraser Fired as Chivas USA Coach

People are saying Robin Fraser is out this evening.

Victor Decolongon

It remains unconfirmed by the club, but both Steven Goff of the Washington Post and Ives Galarcep have reported this evening that Robin Fraser and Greg Vanney are out as Chivas USA head coach and assistant coach, respectively. Although the official word of Fraser's firing is widely expected to be announced on Tuesday when Jorge Vergara gives a press conference about Chivas USA in Beverly Hills, of all places, Fraser has been hanging on ever since Vergara took full ownership control of the team in late August.

If I may offer a speculation, here's what I think might have happened concerning the timing of these reports: the New York Red Bulls announced their head coach, Hans Backe, would not be returning today, following their exit in the playoffs last night. With the news being the second coach's departure in the league in a week, following Jesse Marsch's exit with the Montreal Impact last weekend, I'm guessing Goff and Galarcep went to their Chivas sources to see what the status was with Fraser, then reported the inevitable accordingly. I think they are accurate, but I don't think we'll get confirmation for a few days.

Look, Fraser is out. That has been an open secret since Vergara took over. But the club maintains their media silence, unsurprising because that's what they usually do, and because the news will most likely be official on Tuesday. Still, in Chivatown, one never knows for certain.

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