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Chivas USA Announce firing of Robin Fraser

The club announced Fraser and most of his staff are out Friday evening.

Two of these three are out, according to the club.
Two of these three are out, according to the club.
Stephen Dunn

At 6:43 p.m. PST on Friday, Chivas USA officially announced a clear out of most of the staff, starting with head coach Robin Fraser. Here was what the club wrote in their press release on the subject:

Chivas USA has parted ways with Head Coach Robin Fraser and Assistant Coach Greg Vanney. In addition, the Red-and-White organization have relieved both team Technical Director and Head Scout Simon Elliott and Head Athletic Trainer Brian Lee, as part of the Goats' restructuring.

So it appears my assumption that the news would come out Tuesday was incorrect, but it was still expected nonetheless. At this point, I'm sure Tuesday will be spent primarily to discuss the hiring of a new head coach and new staff. One name that was conspicuously left off the announcement was assistant coach Carlos Llamosa. Does that mean he will be continuing on with Chivas USA? That remains to be seen.

We will have much more coverage on this news soon, but for now, the news has finally, finally come through.

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