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Chivas USA Exchange 2013 Allocation Order Spot with Portland Timbers

No players were exchanged, but Chivas USA may be setting the stage for future player moves.

Goats, Timbers trading places
Goats, Timbers trading places
Kevin Casey

It has been a busy day around Chivatown, and there's more news to report, although this isn't as significant as hiring a new coach. Chivas USA have announced that they traded their spot in the 2013 Allocation Order, which was 2nd overall, to the Portland Timbers in exchange for Portland's Allocation Order spot (3rd overall), in addition to one of the following: either a 2013 international player roster spot (that would presumably return to the Timbers in 2014) OR Portland's 2nd round pick in the 2013 SuperDraft (if they acquire one).

This move may appear to be pretty inside baseball, and in many respects it is. Chivas notoriously held the first spot in the Allocation order for most of 2011, and passed on Benny Feilhaber, Freddy Adu, and Sammy Ochoa, ultimately failing to sign any player from that spot. There is a reasonable chance they might not use it this year as well, although typically 2-3 players enter the league every year through that channel, meant to be for U.S. Men's National Team players (although that rule is not hard and fast - Ochoa has no senior caps).

But Chivas has gotten value from a speculative position. Based on what Jorge Vergara and Chelis have said about bringing more Mexican players to the club, I imagine they would rather have an international slot next season than a 2nd round SuperDraft pick, but they only have one SuperDraft pick now (2nd overall), and could potentially find value in the 2nd round if they draft smart.

We'll have to keep tabs on which option Chivas will pick up, but we'll let you know when we find out more.

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