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Chivas USA Coach Chelís Names Coaching Staff

His son, three other assistants reportedly coming to the club.

Sanchez: Coach's son coming to LA, off the field.
Sanchez: Coach's son coming to LA, off the field.

Tom Marshall had an article on today that helped shed some light on who will be joining new Chivas USA coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola to the club. According to the article, Chelís will bring his son Isidro Sanchez, Joaquin Velazquez, Walter Fleitas, and Osvaldo Scansetti to join holdovers Carlos Llamosa and goalkeeping coach Daniel Gonzalez.

Marshall's article focused on Sanchez, as he provided the quotes for the article. He also has an interesting experience in MLS-land, as he played for the Canadian U23 squad several years back. When explaining the link to Canada, Sanchez said there was a connection on his mother's side. Since then, he played for Puebla, his father's hometown club and the first club where he served as head coach, through the youth ranks and into the first team until last year, when he retired after the team planned to move him on. He's now 25, so he's very young to be a coach, but it sounds like he may not be a coach per se. Instead, he'll be watching tape, translating, and going to school. But don't be surprised to see a young guy hanging around Chelís' side.

Velazquez is another former Puebla player, having played under Chelís while the club was in the second division. He also played for Santos Laguna, Lobos BUAP, and Veracruz before falling out with Puebla in 2010, being sent on "vacation" and not playing again (Spanish). He served as an "apprentice" assistant coach with Chelís at the manager's last stop, Correcaminos (Spanish).

Fleitas (I've also seen Fleita used extensively, I honestly don't know which spelling correct) is from Argentina, played for Lobos BUAP sometime around 1999, and has worked as an assistant coach at Puebla, also under Chelís and successor Eduardo Fentanes. Although he apparently also has a passionate temper, he stepped in to lead the team at times when Sanchez was suspended from the touchline (Spanish). He also followed Chelís to Correcaminos this fall.

Scansetti is another Argentine, and he also served as an assistant under Chelís and Fentanes at Puebla. He also went with Chelís to Estudiantes Tecos and Correcaminos.

Clearly, between his son and three of his former assistants, Chelís is bringing "his guys" to Chivas USA. That is perhaps unsurprising, but with Llamosa staying on, the burden will fall on him to adequately explain MLS to this new staff. And as long as they produce results on the field for the Goats, I don't think most fans will be unhappy, right?

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