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What the Flock!? Podcast - The Xmas edition - Recap

It's official: What the Flock!? is now part of The Goat Parade!

Hi Guys,

As stated previously, "What the Flock?!" is now part of The Goat Parade and SB Nation! (About time, right?). Please check out our podcast as we will be featuring Alicia Rodriguez as an occasional contributor. Glyco and myself, when not cruising in low rider bikes or eating tacos, will be posting here on The Goat Parade! Chido, isn't it?

In our latest podcast, we explore the "Chelis Phenomenon" with our concerns, but mostly focusing on our joy at having a new coach for 2013! Orale! And he has experience, too!

In her WTF debut, Alicia and I analyze in depth what this new hiring means for fans and what we can all expect from this "crazy" Mexican gaffer. In addition, we look at who will stay and who will go with regards to the 2013 roster.

Glyco and I also touch on potential signings including El Joko (aka El Bofo). We pour our 40oz drinks for the departure of Juan Pablo Angel, Danny Califf, and Alejandro Moreno as they leave the Goat familia.

Rounding things out is an in depth exclusive interview with Chivas USA Director of Marketing, Alex Gallegos. Alex talks about his history with the team and the crazy challenges of marketing the most infamous club in the MLS. Very poignant, to say the least.

Check us out, if you dare!

ELAC and Glyconerd

Check out the show on iTunes or buzzsprout (you'll find an RSS feed there).