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Rumor Update: Bofo, Miguel Sabah Not Coming to Chivas USA

The big names aren't coming, but most of the small names still appear to be on their way.

Sabah: Not coming to Chivas USA.
Sabah: Not coming to Chivas USA.
Bob Levey

Well, the big names initially linked to Chivas USA are not coming to the team next season. Adolfo Bautista, better known as "Bofo," has signed with Lobos BUAP in the Liga Ascenso (2nd division) in Mexico, while Miguel Sabah has transferred to Chivas de Guadalajara from Morelia. While Bofo is a cult hero and somebody that has long been linked to Chivas USA, he hasn't played in months, and Chivas USA probably dodged a bullet on the field by avoiding his signing. Meanwhile, it would have been nice to see Sabah, who has expressed an interest in MLS in the past, but the lure of Chivas (as well as the appeal of Sabah in Guadalajara) was too great to resist.

Another target, Christian Perez, was transferred from Chivas de Guadalajara to Queretaro, where he was previously on loan, during the Liga MX draft earlier this month.

The other four players who were namechecked by Chivas USA coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola after taking the job, Edgar Mejia, Mario de Luna, Antonio Rodriguez, and Giovani Casillas, are still widely linked to Chivas USA in Mexico, but there hasn't been any tangible comments from players or folks associated with Chivas USA in recent days. Rodriguez, a member of Mexico's Olympic gold medal-winning squad this year, sent a tweet 10 days ago that may or may not be an indication of a move to the United States:

It could be a hint he's coming over, or it could be a young man looking to enrich his knowledge. Who knows?

One more player linked to Chivas USA is defender Juan Ocampo. This report from last week (Spanish) removed Perez from the list of youngsters owned by Chivas de Guadalajara and slotted in Ocampo's name. However, other reports link Ocampo with Liga Ascenso side Dorados de Sinaloa. Dividing his career between Chivas and Queretaro, the 23 year old has only made 33 league appearances since 2008.

Otherwise, the rumors of players coming in or leaving have been more or less nonexistent. With the transfer window opening up next week, we should start hearing more rumors, and hopefully getting more concrete information from Chivas USA. As ever, we'll keep you posted when we hear news!

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