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About that Dan Kennedy to LA Galaxy Rumor

Right now, a rumor is just that.

Kennedy: Rumors Swirling
Kennedy: Rumors Swirling
Jim Rogash

Word is spreading about a rumor I heard last week, that the LA Galaxy are ready to move on from starting goalkeeper Josh Saunders and want to trade for Chivas USA goalkeeper Dan Kennedy.

Yep, you heard that right, the Galaxy want DK. Who doesn't?

On one hand, the Chivas haters out there are eager to see this happen, as Kennedy represents the best thing about Chivas USA in recent years, and it would give folks more reason to hate on Chivas' incompetence for giving up one of the very best keepers in the league.

The folks who fancy the Galaxy as a "superclub" want to see it as well, because what's the fun in letting the other 18 teams have good players?

Chivas USA fans are currently hyperventilating into paper bags, and I don't blame them. But here's the thing: the rumor wasn't that Chivas are shopping Kennedy, it's that the Galaxy want him. Just because a team wants a player doesn't mean the team that has him is going to just get rid of him.

Obviously, what makes the rumor all the more frightening is that Chivas is currently a rudderless ship, with a volatile owner and no coach or GM. It could indeed happen - but that doesn't mean it will. And the potential insult to injury is that he might go to the Galaxy. I would be really happy for Kennedy if he got a transfer to Europe, because I think he deserves it. I don't, however, think he "deserves" to go to the Galaxy.

So I'm encouraging you to not get carried away on this rumor until we hear more about it. Don't worry about doomsday unless it happens.

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