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Chivas USA Can Win the MLS Cup

It's a stunning thing to think of Chivas USA and Cups, but in a sport where anything can happen, what's not saying that Chivas can't rise to the top? With all the money in the sport, and the stars in the game, we can dream of the little club that could.

Harry How

I'm trying not to shatter the glass in anyone's head, but it's completely feasible for Chivas USA to raise the MLS Cup. Let's look at it this way: the Chicago Fire has a cup, and so does the Colorado Rapids, and those two clubs aren't exactly LA Galaxy (or New York Cosmos 2, as I've called them across the interwebs). So that points to the fact that Chivas has the chance to make it to the next level. Let's concede the point that Chicago won the MLS before the major money came into the sport, and Colorado was a hard working club that got in.

Ok, one of the keys to success in all of soccer is squad depth, so building from within is a good thing. You'd hear from people, that we need the European Academy style instead of this convoluted, crazy, home grown, academy, Generation Addias, College Draft, way to get young players into the league. However, this is the best thing that's out there for the MLS right now. And as we are sitting here, the Chivas USA Academy is actually really good, and some of the players are slowly coming through. That's the key, get a player or two every year who can become a regular with the first team, then you can save money and get a Designated Player.

Next you need a coach, and I don't have to tell you guys that the coaching at Chivas USA the last few years has been bad, because you all know it. The management has changed so many times, that there hasn't been one set philosophy for the club ever. That's one of the main reasons why the club has stalled. Hopefully a coach like El Chelis can right the ship. We have the benefit to look at the situation right now, with as much optimism as possible. Obviously he's a well known name in Mexican football, and knows the owners. Since he's coached at a top league, and wants to play a much more attractive style, we can expect greater things (then again, parking the bus is more attractive than what was played last year).

It's not out of the question that the next Los Angeles team to win a MLS Cup could be the Goats. Now, sitting here, I can say that it's as we are sitting here with Red Colored glasses. Maybe Chivas needs to sell rose colored glasses.

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