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Chivas USA Pass on First Phase of Re-Entry Draft

It wasn't exactly an exciting sight, as only one player was selected in today's RED.

Santos: Might be moving on again.
Santos: Might be moving on again.
Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

This afternoon, MLS held the first stage of the Re-Entry Draft. Players who were out of contract or had their contract options declined by clubs and who had been in the league for a minimum period of time (three years) were eligible to be selected in a draft format.

Chivas USA had the second pick in today's first phase, and they declined to take any player. Former Chivas USA forward Maicon Santos, most recently with D.C. United, was selected by the Chicago Fire. He was the only player taken in today's draft. None of Chivas USA's entries, Juan Pablo Angel, Danny Califf, Alejandro Moreno or Peter Vagenas were selected.

Most likely, some players will be selected next week in phase two, when teams have more flexibility to negotiate contract terms with selected players, and most of the players in the pool this year did not represent good value on their 2012 contract terms. Teams are not required to select any players in either stage of the Re-Entry draft, and there is a distinct possibility that Chivas will not take anybody next week. Still, we will have to wait and see what the club does in a week.

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