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Return to Winning Ways: Chivas USA 5, FC Hasental 0 (Updated)

CARSON, CA - JULY 02:  Lahoud: Opened the floodgates Friday (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)
CARSON, CA - JULY 02: Lahoud: Opened the floodgates Friday (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Chivas USA continued their preseason tuneup, and they faced FC Hasental in the second match of the winter today, beating them 5-0 at the Home Depot Center complex. Hasental is a local side in the NPSL (4th division), and so the emphatic win should be taken with a grain of salt, but it was a good result for Goats, no doubt.

Here was the starting lineup for Chivas this morning: Tim Melia; James Riley, John Valencia, Heath Pearce, Ante Jazic; Oswaldo Minda, Peter Vagenas, Michael Lahoud, Ryan Smith; Alejandro Moreno, Juan Pablo Angel

Obviously, this was a first-team caliber lineup, minus Dan Kennedy and Nick LaBrocca (and perhaps Ben Zemanski, who suffered a concussion in training and has been recovering). Unsurprisingly, the Goats scored three of their five goals in the first half.

Here was the second half lineup: Brian Rowe, R.J. Allen, Rauwshan McKenzie, Fabian Kling, Jorge Villafana, Kennedy Chongo, Marky Delgado, Laurent Courtois, Chris Cortez, Cesar Romero, Alejandro Moreno (although in addition to Delgado, fellow Chivas Academy members Eric Gonzalez "played significant minutes", according to the Academy's twitter account),

Here's the scoring summary:

22nd minute: Michael Lahoud (1-0)

24th minute: Juan Pablo Angel (PK, 2-0) (let's hope this PK thing can actually happen in a real game in 2012, right?)

40th minute: Ryan Smith (3-0)

50th minute: Chris Cortez (4-0) (remember him? Maybe he can make a step up this year)

89th minute: Cesar Romero (5-0)

I'm trying to find out about Romero, as I had not previously heard about him training with Chivas. He could be the same guy who is tearing up the PASL (indoor soccer) with the Tijuana Revolucion this season, but I'm not sure if that's him or a different guy with the same name. Stay tuned on that front.

Here is Adam Serrano's recap of the match, on the league website.

To summarize: Chivas scored five, with first teamers and reserves/trialists getting on the scoresheet alike, and they got a clean sheet. They are now 1-1 on the preseason, but the record doesn't matter, as long as they can win during the regular season. All in all, seemed like a good day.

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