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Latest Speculative Chivas USA Roster

CARSON, CA - JUNE 01: Who is joining Nick the Quick on the roster? (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
CARSON, CA - JUNE 01: Who is joining Nick the Quick on the roster? (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Chivas USA are about to head into their fourth week of training camp, and I thought it was time to take another snapshot of their first team roster. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear of more cuts later this week among trialists and/or draftees, but let's figure out where we are at the moment.

A great deal has happened since the last time I did this, back on January 3. At that time, I had nailed down 14 players on the first team. Remember, a first team has to have between 18 and 30 players on the roster during the season itself. As ever, if you have any information to contribute, feel free - this is a collaborative effort until we get confirmation on all these guys from the club.

100% on the roster:

Miller Bolanos

Chris Cortez

Laurent Courtois

Blair Gavin

Marvin Iraheta

Ante Jazic

Dan Kennedy

Nick LaBrocca

Michael Lahoud

David Junior Lopes

Tim Melia

Oswaldo Minda

Alejandro Moreno

Heath Pearce

James Riley

Ryan Smith

Casey Townsend

John Valencia

Jorge Villafana

Ben Zemanski

Status uncertain:

Juan Pablo Angel

Peter Vagenas

Trialists/Draftees playing for a roster spot:

R.J. Allen

Kennedy Chongo

Kevin Guppy

Fabian Kling

Mario Ledezma

Rauwshan McKenzie

Cesar Romero

Brian Rowe

Pablo Sandoval

Daniel Steres

Kevin Venegas

Chivas USA Academy players in the mix:

Marky Delgado

Eric Gonzalez

Jake McGuire

Ben Spencer

So let's review. By my count, Chivas have 20 players set in stone as on the first team roster as of today. That puts them above the minimum, but gives them plenty of flexibility to add several more. Although the status of JPA and Vagenas is not certain, I anticipate both will be officially added to the roster sooner than later. So that brings it up to 22 players. Although there are further exceptions and regulations (home grown, international, etc.) in a general sense Chivas could add up to eight more players. With 15 guys in training during this training camp, that means there will be cuts yet.

The good news for the academy guys is that the team doesn't have to sign them to a contract in the next month. They can train with the first team, then go back to the academy team if necessary, and eventually get a contract later this season if the club wants. Of course, with Esteban Rodriguez recently jumping ship from the Chivas academy and signing with Club Tijuana, the front office may get a bit nervous and may have more urgency in signing academy players. Delgado and Spencer seem to be the players most likely to get a pro contract this season, but it may not come right away. Plus, any guy who qualifies as homegrown will be exempt from the first team roster. I believe that means Cortez is exempt, but when we get closer to the season I'll try and figure out who is exempt and who isn't.

Also bear in mind that there could be moves within the league in the coming weeks. Remember, Nick LaBrocca was obtained in a trade just before the start of the season last year, so we could see more moves on that front as well.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!