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SBN MLS Power Rankings, Week 2: Chivas USA 17th

Mar 11, 2012; Carson, CA, USA; Chivas - sliding right now in the power rankings Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-US PRESSWIRE
Mar 11, 2012; Carson, CA, USA; Chivas - sliding right now in the power rankings Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-US PRESSWIRE

Power rankings are of course arbitrary. But they are a good way to see what the hive mind believes, especially if the hive is of a decent size. Single-person power rankings? No way. Committees of three? Nope. But SB Nation Soccer has a way of putting the rankings together using the collective rankings of SB Nation's MLS bloggers, as well as MLS writers and editors for the soccer site.

This week, 19 people voted on the power rankings for Week 2 of MLS, and the conclusion is that, among other things, Chivas USA are ranked 17th for the second straight week. The only teams below them in the rankings are the Montreal Impact (18th) and the New England Revolution (19th). The bottom two teams swapped places since last week, but Chivas held steady. Meanwhile, just above the Goats was the Philadelphia Union (16th), who may be dropping further in the coming weeks, judging by their play so far and the chaos caused by Peter Nowak's personnel decisions. And the San Jose Earthquakes are currently at 15th, which at this point is fair, although I am not necessarily convinced yet they are better than Chivas.

Although I was one of the voters for the SBN MLS rankings, I think 17th is a fair place at this point in the season, with two losses by a goal each and no goals scored. Can Chivas move up over the season? Absolutely, although they need to start clicking, hopefully soon. Be aware, however, that they are set to play Real Salt Lake Saturday, so the Goats' prospects may need to wait a week before the turnaround can fully commence. Not that I've given up on this match, but RSL happens to be the top ranked team in the power rankings this week, after beating the teams with the highest payrolls the last two weeks, so it will be a tough match for Chivas, no question. The bright side? The LA Galaxy, who started the season with the top spot, have dropped to third, behind RSL and the Seattle Sounders.

If you want more descriptions of this week's power rankings, check it out over at SB Nation Soccer. For the full rankings, you can also look to your left on the main page I've placed the power rankings over there for your convenience, so you can keep track of how all the teams are stacking up according to the SBN hive mind.

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